Blunt Review: Chirps Cricket Chips

I bought these because I enjoy throwing $20 bills at a novelty. And at that price (cost of a 3 pack on Amazon) a novelty is what these are. Reading the label, the primary ingredient in these chips is cornmeal. If you’re looking for healthy, at 16g of carbs per serving, you’re just as well with an ordinary potato chip. And if you really buy into the sustainability lecture on the back of the bag, potato chips got ya there too.

Opening up the bag you’ll notice a distinct odor. If you’ve ever owned a pet lizard, you’ll recognize it immediately. These chips are no joke, they really stink like crickets. It’s not an appetizing smell either, so you’re going to have to get used to it before diving nose first into the bag.

The chip itself is not terrible. It has a texture similar to a corn chip, which is not surprising since that’s essentially what this is. It’s a little bit lighter in texture than a corn chip, which I assume is due to the desiccated cricket powder in them. The flavor can I best describe as: “slightly burned toast”. It’s not offensive, but you have to talk yourself into eating more than two at a sitting. Despite the bags label of “Cheddar” flavor, it isn’t within a 50 mile range of a Dorito.

If you’re so protein deficient that you haven’t received your daily requirement by lunch, these chips might be a good supplement. But at $6 and change for a 5oz bag, they’re better suited as a conversation piece than actual food.



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